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First of all, as a Chiropractor in Friendswood, we want you to know, our number one goal is to relieve pain as quickly as possible.  We do this by offering only the best evidence based treatment options. We take an individualized approach to care to meet your body’s specific needs.

Founder, Dr. Joe Denke, a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, is the only Chiropractor in Friendswood with this advanced certification.  Dr. Denke focuses on fast pain relief and educating patients on what they can do on their own for long-term relief.

As a result, Dr. Denke is able to focus on rapid recovery and does not typically see patients for as many visits as the average Chiropractor in Friendswood, nor does he suggest long-term, unnecessary treatment plans!

Furthermore, our staff includes highly qualified individuals who aim to bring fast results to our patients.  As a result, there is no other Chiropractor in Friendswood that offers the quality of services that we do.

Finally, we hope that you will include us in your mission for fast pain relief!

Chiropractor In Friendswood Book Now

So, How Can A Chiropractor In Friendswood Help?

We Always Start With A Consultation And Examination

In order to safely and effectively put together a plan to get you the fastest possible results from your chiropractic care, we start with a consultation. We learn about your health history, looking for indications that your problem will respond positively to our treatment.  Imaging can be ordered of needed, but our Doctor’s adhere to the American Chiropractic Association’s “Choose Wisely” guidelines, which state not all patients need x-rays prior to Chiropractic treatment.

After your consult, we’ll do a physical examination that could consist of range of motion testing to check for loss motion, orthopedic tests to check your  joints integrity, neurological tests to test your nervous system, functional tests to see how well you move, and chiropractic tests to help determine if chiropractic will likely help your problem.

Next, We Will Tell You About Our Exam Findings.

We believe that patient education is key in getting the most from your treatment. If you understand the diagnosis, what you should be doing and why, you’ll take the right steps to get lasting pain relief and improved health.  We want to help you get and stay better.

Then, You’ll Receive Treatment On The First Day! (Not The Case With Every Chiropractor In Friendswood)

Your treatments are done in private rooms, not in full view of other patients. Your questions can be answered and your home care recommendations will be provided specific to your particular problem or condition.

Finally, We’ll Show You How To Not Just Get Better, But Stay Better!

We are your health advocates! While most patients enter our office with some type of symptoms (usually headaches, neck pain, and back pain), we also treat injuries to other areas of the body and we would love to help you if those should arise as well!

While a properly functioning spine and better posture are the keys to our focus, we know that showing you the right exercises, stretches, and giving you ongoing tips & tools to make positive changes will make a big difference in your life.

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