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June 29, 2019
The Good Chiropractor

Chiropractor Near Me – Friendswood, TX Welcome to Select Spine & Sports Medicine, your home for evidence-based chiropractic care in Friendswood, Texas. Our number one goal is to provide personalized care, to get you out of pain fast, and teach you how to keep it from coming back again. At your first appointment one of […]

Why Gait Analysis Is Important With Chiropractic Care

March 27, 2019
Sports Medicine

The way a person walks, their gait, can be very telling. It can reveal problems in the feet, ankles, knees, and hips – even in spinal alignment. A problem with gait can indicate pain in a patient as well as serious conditions like diabetes and arthritis. It is a diagnostic tool for many conditions, injuries, […]

What Is Cervicalgia & Can Chiropractic Help?

February 16, 2019
Neck Pain

Have you ever had a pain in the neck? And your kids or significant other don’t count. If you’ve ever had a stiff, sore neck then you’ve more than likely experienced cervicalgia. You’re not alone. The American Osteopathic Association estimates that more than 25% of Americans have experienced or chronically experience neck pain. In fact, […]

Why Lower Back Pain Sufferers Prefer Chiropractic Care

February 6, 2019
Back Pain

Throbbing, dull and achy, sharp and excruciating. All of these words can be used to describe lower back pain. Unfortunately, lower back pain is a common occurrence in adults. According to the American Chiropractic Association, low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, with millions of reported cases every year. What treatment should […]

Trigger Points & Other Myofascial Pain Relief With Chiropractic

February 3, 2019
Back Pain, Neck Pain

Many people think of joints, bones, and the skeletal system when they think of chiropractic, but in fact, the muscles also play an integral part in supporting the body. The muscles are layers and interwoven work to move and stabilize the spine, facilitate the movement of the body’s joints, and aid in respiration. When there […]

(Muscular) Personal Trainer Gets Full Body Adjustment By Chiropractor Friendswood TX

January 25, 2019

(Muscular) Personal Trainer Gets Full Body Adjustment By Chiropractor Friendswood TX   Chiropractor in Friendswood (Houston area), Dr. Joe Denke, treats Pearland personal trainer and fitness guru, Drew, was seen for his shoulder pain and an old low back injury. This athlete was treated with HyperVolt, RockBlade, and active release prior to the adjustments. […]

How Low Speed Rear-end Accidents Can Cause Whiplash

January 14, 2019
Auto Accidents Injuries

You are sitting in your car, stopped at a traffic light. Suddenly, a vehicle rear ends your car. The impact isn’t hard although it is unexpected. You take a look at your car and see that there is minor damage, or no damage at all, to either vehicle. The bumpers absorbed the bulk of the […]

Cervical Facet Joint Pain – What You Need To Know

January 3, 2019
Arthritis, Neck Pain

Facet joint problems are among the most common sources of lower back and neck pain. They can cause debilitating, chronic problems with the neck and back and can lead to other more serious conditions and symptoms that can be disabling. Cervical facet joint syndrome, or cervical facet osteoarthritis, is a degenerative condition marked by stiffness […]

4 Ways to Incorporate Movement Into Your Workplace

December 17, 2018

If you sit behind a desk all day with little or no activity, you could be compromising your physical health, mental health, and brain health which could impact your productivity at work. From a physical standpoint, it isn’t healthy to remain in one position for too long. It can lead to various health conditions including […]

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